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The history & the Secret behind our company initials “VG”,

My name is Dmitry Blankleider, I’m a president of VG-TECH LLC company, it’s a small family owned company located in Southern-California.
I decided to name the company after my grand-parents ,Vladimir & Gertha Gelerman in honor their memory.

The definition of “V and G” stands for the first initial of their first name.

Gertha Gelerman (June.7.1934 – June-17-2020).
Vladimir Gelerman (March.4.1932 – June-17-2020).

This unique story has been written by my grand father Vladimir, when he was still alive..
“All I remember of my childhood, howling all the details, and that etched into my memory for a lifetime, this is Lake Ladoga, As our column moved along the Road of Life.

Several trucks (‘Polutorok’) shipped more than 100 children (7-9 years) and caregivers.
We were covered with a tarp, it was very cold, we soon heard the sound of aircraft (it was ‘Messerschmitt’) have earned our defense batteries, and we heard the first bomb attacks that bombed our column.
I have seen in other slots as tarpaulin machine which followed behind us and after a bright flash, this truck pecked his nose and slowly sank beneath the ice, and we moved away from there … there was a terrible winter 1941-1942 we were fortunate soldiers to escape from the siege of Leningrad!
My profession: Television-Operator. My experience 25 years in Soviet Union I made more than 30 television movies.
Today, I live in Israel for 20 years, over the years in Israel, I worked on the technical production and even in the synagogue, no, no, not as an actor, but mostly as a janitor (just kidding)!
And now I 80 years old! Retired! Philosopher an “every man has three ages: one by birth certificate, the second as he looks, and the third most important how he feels.” so now I feel 53 years old!
I was young he loved to draw. And then he remembered his passion. and here in my old age I began to make stones and paint them.
Light roasting, paint and clear coat but I did not hurt the tree.
Manual work is always appreciated around the world!
If my modest of you might be interested. I’ll be happy if you get them!”
with respect Vladimir Gelerman”

Please take a moment and review my grandparents art of work link below..


Owner Biography: Dmitry Blankleider graduate electrical engineering college with excellence, he developed first alarm telephone/intercom system that communicate with computer in 2006 as a graduation project. IDF service 2006-2009 in intelligence unit, one tour in “Second Lebanon War” in 2006.


Red – the blood of the fallen, Orange – Front notation system was damaged in the fighting (Orange is the color of HFC – Home Front Command), Green, Red and White – symbols the flag of Lebanon cedar wood, Blue and White – the colors of Israel national flag.

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